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Shoshana Weinberg Operations Manager

If you want to talk to someone who knows their stuff, you’ll want to track down Shoshana. She’s been with Matrix Group Publishing Inc. since day one! She has overseen accounts receivable, accounts payable, distribution, client relations…and, well, the list goes on. Did we mention she also has a B.A, an MBA, oh, and three teenagers to keep track of!

Now, as Operations Manager, Shoshana is still involved with all those areas previously noted, and she is working with sales and production too. While this means there are always a million balls being juggled, the truth is that she enjoys the busy days and all of the challenges that go along with her title.

What she most enjoys, though, is learning. “I really like learning about all the different industries we create magazines for,” she explains. “I like getting to know the people behind those industries, too – both the association clients and now our advertising clients as well.”

Client relations has always been one of Shoshana’s strong points. She credits this to years in the business and being part of a company that grew from small player to major publisher in a very short time. Of course, there were growing pains, she explains, “but with every obstacle we learned very valuable lessons that are now part of everyday operations. Our day-to-day activities run quite seamlessly and if something ever arises that is out of the ordinary, everyone knows their zone, and how to react quickly and efficiently to put things back on track. We have great people working for this company, and it shows.”