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Magazines are great at providing in-depth content that really dives into the topics you care about. However, if you’re interested in reaching your members more often, an electronic newsletter, in conjunction with your print magazine(s), is a great option. Newsletters tend to include smaller bits of information, such as a short greeting from your president, a few member profiles, and a calendar of upcoming events.


The use of email-driven marketing is growing and can’t be ignored. A successful e-mail marketing campaign can raise awareness about your business and keep you in the minds of current and potential members, industry partners, and government officials who make decisions about your sector. After each issue is printed, we can e-blast your contact list to let them know it’s available on your website, and in that e-blast we can include details on upcoming events, membership benefits… basically, whatever you think is important!

Web Advertisements

Your website is your gateway to your organization; it’s likely the first place people look when they want to learn more about your focus and activities. Selling advertising on your site to companies who want to do business with your members is a great way to generate revenue. The problem is, it can be extremely time consuming.

Our sales team is already reaching out to companies that want to do business in your sector, so why not let us take this tedious task off your plate? Your time is freed up for your other tasks, and your association will benefit from a share of the revenue generated.


It can be confusing for potential advertisers when several different companies are all calling on behalf of the same organization. This is why we’re always eager to bundle our services, creating a unique package that allows one point of contact from our company to offer magazine, newsletter, e-blast, and website advertising (or a combination of these).

Our team handles the calls, the questions, the collection of artwork – everything! Make sure to ask how your organization can profit from this arrangement.