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Jessica Potter Publisher

Jessica has been with Matrix Group Publishing Inc. for more than a decade. She started on the phone, as a sales person, and has since transformed into a publishing force to be reckoned with. Rest assured, if Jessica is calling you about the possibility of creating a magazine for you, she has already done her research and believes it could be a success. 

In fact, one of her favourite parts of the job is what others might call a necessary evil; the research. She explains, “My favourite part of publishing is the research we do on behalf of our clients and the many industries we serve across North America. When I reach out to an association, the research has already begun and even in the preliminary stages, I am already confident that this particular group could sustain a publication.”

One of Jessica’s favourite projects to date has been the creation of a bundled package for one of our existing clients, which includes magazine advertising, magazine profiles, and website advertising. “There are always new technologies emerging in the publishing sector, including digital publications, online buyers’ guides and e-newsletters,” she says. “Advertising has had to keep up with these trends, and creating this bundled package really assisted us in providing a ‘one-stop-shop’ for our clients. We now handle magazine and web ads for them, which frees up their time for other association initiatives.” 

One such initiative is growing membership, something which Matrix can help out with as well. Jessica points out that having our sales team make hundreds of calls a day to industry specific businesses goes a long way to getting an association’s name in front of potential members. “When our sales team makes calls on any given magazine, they are explaining that they’re calling on behalf of such and such association, they’re sending media kits that include the association’s logo, and they’re providing information that includes the association’s website, names of contacts, and mission statements. Our sales team is calling for advertising, but they’re inadvertently showcasing our association clients to businesses who are good candidates for membership, too.”